• Featured Causes
    Started in 2007, the One Reach One Goat project has helped four families. The project funds families in the purchasing of goat. The sale of the goat’s milk allows the family...
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  • Featured Causes
    The purpose is to alleviate poverty in the rural women and youth. It all began with the community coming together to help each other. The Tea Seedlings project, begun in 2005,...
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Who We Are

Our Philosophy

We do not just feed the hungry, but also give the poorest among us the tools to create lasting change.


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Priority Project

Water Holes Project

Imagine walking through the dusty semi-desert of northern Kenya, where the temperature approaches one hundred degrees day after day. Your whole community has lost all the cattle, goats and donkeys that provided the only livelihood in this parched landscape, where even...
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Let's empower the next generation

Children in poverty deserve an opportunity out through education. We can make this happen with your help. Education is matters because knowledge empowers, it gives insight and allows us to make better sense of the the world around us.

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