HIV/AIDS Awareness

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In sub-Saharan Africa an estimated 1.7 million people were newly infected with HIV in 2007, bringing to 22.5 million the total number of people living with the virus. Unlike other regions, the majority of people living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa (61%) are women. Children are particularly affected—there are an estimated 11.4 million orphans due to AIDS in this region. Of the global total of 2.1 million adult and child deaths due to AIDS in 2007, 1.6 million occurred in this region.

Despite a high literacy rate and eagerness by citizens to actively pursue knowledge, there is a high level of ignorance involved about the transmission and prevention of this deadly disease. There is a great deal of education needed on the contraction, spread and preventative measures of the HIV/AIDS virus. Our campaign will go to schools, community centers, churches and women’s groups to educate the community.

Recent research has shown that an integrated approach that simultaneously implements complementary processes for primary prevention, secondary prevention, and early medical intervention, tertiary care, and tertiary prevention may have the greatest potential. These strategies prove to be especially effective when developed collaboratively with clients and community.

African Aid Ministry currently provides responsible care to HIV/AIDS orphaned children in the rural areas of Kenya through the help of donors and local agency partners. We currently have 16 orphans that are in need of assistance with their basic daily needs and education.

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