Micro-Finance Project

Donation Goal For This Project is $1,000
63% Donated/$370 To Go
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Through donations and fundraisers, African Aid Ministry provides start-up capital, training, equipment, and consulting to people in rural African communities to establish small businesses.

Profits received from the businesses will generally be used for:

  • Reinvestment in the business
  • To pay school fees for the member’s children
  • Pooled into a group bank account that members can take small monthly loans form ($5 – $20)
  • Used to support the group’s community programs

Through this project, families (widows) are provided with small loans to start small businesses, such as corn and beans trading, planting of vegetables and fruits, etc. The loans are paid back with interest of 2.5% which is much more affordable than the banks that offer 8-12.5 % standard interest rates.