Distribution of Water Filters in Rural Western Uganda

African Aid Mission partnered with a local Non Governmental Organization (NGO), Ibanda Women’s Guild, to (a) identify suitable beneficiaries (b) distribute water filters, including demonstrating assembly of the same.

Two schools namely, Ibanda Integrated Primary School and Nyabuhikye Secondary School were selected as recipients. Demonstration on assembly and use of the water filters were conducted by Pius Kahangirwe, a Water and Sanitation Specialist who also volunteers his time as a Programme Officer with the local NGO. He was accompanied by Maureen Babu an independent consultant and Mrs Immelda Kahangirwe, the Chairlady of the NGO.

Ibanda Integrated Primary School was founded by the Church of Uganda and currently has enrolled 505 boys and 593 girls. The school has both a boarding and day section. Of the total student population of 1098, 250 are boarders.

The teachers who attended the presentation of the water filters were: the Head Teacher, School Nurse, Health and Sanitation representative and the Head of the Dinning Hall. The water filters were well received.

Nyabuhikye Secondary School has a school population of 290 enrolled students, of which 35 are boarders. The water filter and bucket were presented to the Deputy Head Teacher and the School Matron. They later would be in charge of the use of the water filter.

The school boosts of availability of piped water. However, this water is not treated and the water filter would go a long way in making a positive impact. In addition, piped water has less debris and this should contribute to a longer usage life of the water filter.