Our Projects

HIV/AIDS Awareness

28% Donated/$710 To Go
In sub-Saharan Africa an estimated 1.7 million people were newly infected with HIV in 2007,...
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Building Schools

0% Donated/$2,985 To Go
Kenya’s free and compulsory primary ( grades 1 to 8 ) education system has increased...
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Vocational Centers

7% Donated/$930 To Go
African Aid Ministry aspires to construct a facility at which to provide educational programs to...
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Micro-Finance Project

63% Donated/$370 To Go
Through donations and fundraisers, African Aid Ministry provides start-up capital, training, equipment, and consulting to...
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One Reach One Goat Project

11% Donated/$3,089 To Go
Started in 2007, the One Reach One Goat project has helped four families. The project...
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Tea Seedlings Project

13% Donated/$865 To Go
The purpose is to alleviate poverty in the rural women and youth. It all began...
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Bicycle Project

5% Donated/$1,900 To Go
Bicycles for each family which will enable them to transport luggage/tea leaves to the market...
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Water Holes Project

28% Donated/$928 To Go
Imagine walking through the dusty semi-desert of northern Kenya, where the temperature approaches one hundred...
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